The vault for your digital assets.

Chamber secures your ETH, USDC and other digital assets with the devices you already own and trust. Set up and secured in minutes.
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Enterprise level security built for you.

Multi-device authentication

We enlist the devices you already know and trust — like your phone and laptop — to secure your digital assets.

Key Rotation

Keys are free and infinite - why keep the same one forever? Key rotation is a best practice that is long overdue in securing digital assets.

Social Recovery

No need to bury titanium plates in your backyard or worry about a lost phone. A trusted friend or relative can help you recover a lost device.

True Self-Custody

Your private keys are generated on your devices and are never on our servers or in our control, even in their encrypted form.
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They said you have to trust a custodian or use clunky hardware to secure your digital assets.

We built something better.

Your account is protected by the next generation web standard for identity: passkeys. They are unphishable and cryptographically iron-clad.

The battle-hardened Safe protocol secures $54 billion in digital assets and is built into Chamber.  Every signature has a verifiable audit trail.

Our goal

We believe you can have best-in-class self-custody with no vendor lock-in. Our only incentive is your security.

About the founders

William Allen
Co-founder, CEO

Prior to co-founding Chamber, William was a VP at Adobe, leading Behance, Adobe Portfolio, & 99U, as well as co-founding the Content Authenticity Initiative.

He was the COO of Behance, Inc during their startup days and had previously helped launch at the TED Conferences.
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Bryan Latten
Co-founder, CTO

Before Chamber, Bryan Latten was a VP of Engineering at Adobe, overseeing the company’s cloud formation, API management and 3rd party extensibility platforms and teams.

Bryan was one of the original engineering hires for Behance, Inc and has been a long-term crypto builder during his spare time.